A Message from Chairman Clare Bayman - February 2020


Dear All


Thank you all for your patience and for returning your music to Jill Spinney.


Following a recent committee meeting we have started the process of finding a new Chorus Master to take our Monday evening rehearsals. 


On Saturday 16th May at 2pm at St Margaret’s Church we plan to hold an Audition Afternoon where the shortlisted candidates will each come and take part of the rehearsal to enable you, the choir members, to have an input into the choice of our next Chorus Master. 


Our Musical Director, Dr Edward-Rhys Harry, will join us for the auditions and, as before, we are looking for someone who, after an extended audition process, will eventually take over Edward's role and we will revert to having a sole MD in the next year or so, who conducts our concerts as well as taking the weekly rehearsal sessions. In this way, rather than having a 20 minute audition before you commit to your new Musical Director you get to work with him or her for a year before deciding. 


We will have a chance to have a preview of next term's music at the auditions before the term starts on Monday 7th September 2020


Our programme has works that we think will appeal both to the choir and our audience.  We plan to complete the programme with a selection of carols but if there are any suggestions you may have they would be welcomed for consideration - sooner rather than later please as the music has to be ordered!


The works we have chosen to sing are 


Haydn's St Nicholas Mass 


Vaughan Williams's Fantasia on Christmas Carols 


For this year we plan to move our December concert date from its customary second Sunday in December to Friday 11th December, with ideally a rehearsal on the Friday afternoon. This change of date will then enable us to have a carol singing party on the Sunday afternoon at Chalcot Coach House by kind invitation of Cyril and Natasha Kinsky which last year was a lovely way to wind down after the concert and get in the Christmas spirit!


As some of you may already know, Liz Kozlowski, has sadly decided that now is her time to leave us, and we are just finalising the appointment of a marvellous new accompanist.


We will send out more information as it becomes available and in the meantime please rest assured that we are doing our best to ensure a vibrant future for Corsley Festival Choir and hope that you will support us during this time of transition.


Do contact us if you have any further questions.


Best wishes


Clare Bayman 

Chairman Corsley Festival Choir


A Message from Chairman Clare December 2019

Dear all


Many congratulations on such a wonderful concert last week. Everyone I have spoken to has said how wonderful we sounded and how different the choir seemed!!! Long may that continue!!

Edward was really thrilled and a letter from him is attached to this email written somewhere on the train between London and Wales!!

Daniel also sent me a message to express his gratitude for all your hard work and patience this term. Of the concert he said
'The sound you made was fantastic and the blend, the phrasing, (DICTION!), clarity and enjoyment you conveyed was absolutely brilliant!
You all deserve your own personal congratulation for the hard-work you have given!
I wish each and every one of you a very Happy and Blessed Christmas filled with joy, hope, peace and love.’

I know that some of you felt that Daniel might not be happy as he didn’t get to conduct the concert, but we are hugely lucky to benefit from all the experience and enthusiasm that Edward brings and Daniel was employed as the Chorus Master so knew what he was signing up for!!! There will be some opportunities for Daniel to conduct the choir in the future as we have some plans after our May concert……….keep the late afternoon early evening of  May 15th  available for an exciting adventure!!

I would like to add my thanks to our musical team, Edward, Daniel and Liz for all their hard work and join them in wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year!
Best wishes

 Clare Bayman 


A Message from MD Edward December 2020

A Train
GWR Network
Somewhere between Swansea and London
Dear CFC Member
What a term.
My warmest congratulations to you on a number of things.
First of all for being so willing to explore this brave new world of combining a chorus master
and musical director in two people rather than one – for attending what I hope was a really
enjoyable and helpful singing workshop – and for producing a December concert which was
full of joy and energy.
There were some rather glorious moments in our concert and I really felt like the whole
thing came together on the day very well indeed. The audience appeared to be very pleased
and that is a real delight.
Thank you all for working as hard as you did to produce a great musical performance full of
some lovely vocal colours and nuances, good text (!) and bold singing. Congratulations, I
haven’t enjoyed a concert quite like that in a while.
I can’t write without formally expressing my thanks to our chorus master Daniel and to our
accompanist Liz for supporting the choir through the term. Daniel has made the positive
impact I foresaw he would during his audition and interview and long may it continue.
My thanks also to the Corsley Festival Orchestra quartet and all of those (very) hardworking
members of the committee (and non-members, I believe) who pulled everything together
for a really splendid concert, despite the most appalling weather.
I look forward to seeing you all in 2020 but until then…
Happy Christmas!



Group Photos at Rehearsal on 8th December 2019

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