A Message from Chairman Clare Bayman - August 2020

I do hope you are all keeping well, that you have not been made despondent by lockdown and are beginning to get out more.


Over the last few months, Edward and I have been constantly monitoring the situation in relation  to COVID and amateur singing groups. 


We have already secured the services of an excellent accompanist and have a potential chorus master in the wings, but have not moved on offering them the job at this point as it is highly likely that we will have until January at least before we will be able to resume singing. This means, along with so many other groups, we will not be starting up again in September.


As time goes on, Edward may have some more insights into how things are looking for amateur singing groups as he’s been involved in helping to advise the Government on this over the last few months. 


Best wishes




Clare Bayman 




Group Photos at Rehearsal on 8th December 2019

XMAS 2019 IMG_0223.JPG